Did you know the cost to clean and turn over a rental unit is up to seven times more if the last tenant was a smoker?

Contact Ashley LeMaistre to learn how to make your property smoke-free or learn how to be added to our smoke-free housing map.

A Manager's Guide to Smoke-Free Housing

Learn about the benefits of smoke-free policies for multi-unit housing and get helpful tips on how to implement policies that are legal and enforceable. Download the Manager's Guide to Smoke-Free Housing Policies which includes a toolkit of template forms.

Does your property have residents who speak languages other than English? Our Toolkit materials are available in Spanish, Vietnamese, Burmese (Karen), Arabic, and Swahili (in addition to English). Download editable PDFs from the Resources section below so you can notify residents of your property's policy!

Tobacco-free multi-unit housing isn't only about improving tenant health. It's also about saving owners money. Tobacco-free rules for apartments reduce unit turnover costs, can lower insurance rates, limit liability from lawsuits, and maximize tax credits and other business incentives.

It's completely legal to make your property smoke-free, and it can make your rental units more appealing: 77% of renters in Travis County say they prefer to live in tobacco-free housing. Tobacco-free or smoke-free policies can make your property more desirable to potential residents. See what other communities think about smoke-free housing.

Why tobacco-free, instead of only smoke-free? Clean up costs for smokeless tobacco can be costly, too. Plus, tobacco-free housing helps encourage smokers to quit tobacco 100%, rather than replacing cigarettes with a smokeless tobacco addiction.

Ready To Go Tobacco-free?

Download the full Manager's Guide to Smoke-Free Housing Policies above for all of the information needed to make the change.

Here are 5 simple steps to get an idea of what it will take.

  1. Create a timeline.
    A well-implemented tobacco-free policy takes preparation. Look to our sample timeline for preparing staff, residents, and management for the policy.
  2. Draft a policy.
    The Texas Apartment Association has a lease addendum for smoke-free housing available for its members. Below is a sample of a lease addendum.
  3. Educate your tenants and provide resources to help them quit tobacco. Free resources are available.
  4. Post signs.
    Three different sign types are available through the City of Austin for free, for multi-unit housing organizations creating new policies. Find out more by emailing us at info@livetobaccofreeaustin.org
  5. Promote your policy.
    Make sure residents and staff are aware of your upcoming or in-place policy. Market your smoke-free amenity on your webpage, in lease applications, and please email us to be located on the Tobacco-Free Housing Map.
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